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Teknoturf consulting team has provided robust solutions.


Teknoturf with its expertise in enterprise architecture and integration, combined with its retail domain understanding, has redesigned one of the leading client's current Order Management Fulfillment, Warehouse Management Systems and integrating those platforms.

Teknoturf has expertise in architecting multiple channels for the existing client applications to integrate with different services enabled by the integration platform. The functionality built will be easily pluggable without major code changes. The solution provided will reduce time to add new services and new transport channels and will be highly secure. Event Sequencing and transaction settings can been enabled depending on the clients. Processing time for bulk processing can been reduced by 75% using the suggested architecture.

Solutions Provided
  • Financially attractive solution that drives client's profit growth.
  • A true multi-channel retail solution to differentiate from competitors and drive market share.
  • A solution that allows the client to remain relevant to customers through emerging technologies.
  • A predictable implementation solution that meets client's strategic timeline for implementation.
  • To deliver a rich process integration platform for enterprise services based on SOA.
  • IBM WESB can integrate with discrete backend systems as well as expose the services over discrete protocols for the client application to make use of these services. It can transform and route messages from disparate channels with different formats.

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