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The manufacturing industry is one of the most competitive sectors in the world and is largely obsessed with a very high demand for tailored products and services, greater governing restrictions and regularization. The high cost of raw material and energy forces manufacturers in this division to implement best practices along with other actions to improve the quality of goods and services.

Armed with its widespread industry knowledge and varied domain knowledge to empower resource optimization and skill consumption, Teknoturf delivers tailored solutions to achieve customer's business goals.

A leading Manufacturing company was looking for an IT Vendor who could design a website in both Native and English languages to display a wide range of products along with their related information. As their website consisted of a huge collection of multimedia images, it was mandatory that any addition of content of newly arrived models be done with ease.

Teknoturf strongly believed that an environment which allowed faster access of content as well as addition of new content could provide a solution to this problem. Teknoturf proposed Lotus Web Content Management based solution to meet this requirement.

It was easy for the clients to add new products to the existing range of products manufactured. Content Managers were finding it easy to upload huge collections of multimedia. Adding new contents to the modules became very simple. These are some of the benefits that the customer enjoyed with this implementation.

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