Teknoturf's EAI team has a vast experience in integrating the heterogeneous applications for various enterprises. Solutions provided were highly scalable and could be readily improved upon for forthcoming requirements.

Teknoturf's consulting team uses best practices as well as frameworks and methodologies. Teknoturf can meet all software integration requirements, including application integration, B2B, Monitoring, Business Process Management and SOA.

Teknoturf as an IT vendor has a strong integration background and has the requisite expertise to assess client's needs, evaluate their current applications and recommend a suitable integration platform.

Teknoturf has a very strong team of consultants who are experts in IBM Middleware products which are faster, reliable communication mediums that can support multiple transport mediums to provide solutions for customers who are looking for an integration platform.

Teknoturf has also provided integration solutions to various banks across the Middle East, wherein the client required to integrate their current applications with various customer applications and partner applications.

Industry Served


We have worked with airline majors in the Middle East. The areas include building and setting integration platform, integration, mediation, auditing and monitoring.


We have been working with major banks in the Middle East. Projects entail integration of various front applications like ATM, Net Banking, Utility Payments etc., to core banking systems like T-24 Server (backend application teminos), IBM AS/400 banking core system etc.,


We have been working with major telecom companies across the Middle East and Asia Pacific. The areas include integration of various front-end portal applications with backend, Arbour billing system, Call center application integration with Smart Trust's Mobile system using web services etc.

Oil Industry

We have been working with major oil companies in the Middle East. The areas include building and setting integration platforms to collect real time data from various gathering centers, process the data and present the real time data to various client applications, that are used by clients for research and reporting purposes.


We have been working with a major retail company in Australia. The project initiative is aimed to increase profitable sales and expand loyal customer base. This project comprises of complete redesign of the current Order Management Fulfillment, Warehouse Management Systems and integrating these platforms.

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Teknoturf instructors have taught for IBM in seven countries and they have consistently been rated extremely highly by students from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

David Barun Thomas, Regional Manager, South Asia, IBM Learning Services

Our Clients

  • Abn Amro
  • Accenture
  • Adobe
  • Bank Dhofar
  • Capgemini
  • Citi
  • Cognizant
  • Etihad
  • IBM
  • Infosys
  • Virtusa
  • World Bank