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The combination of attrition, promotions and the law of averages creates a need for continuous intake of fresh professionals in the IT industry. Availability of candidates with the right technical and professional skills would result in a significant impact in the productivity of fresh professionals joining the IT industry. In reality, very few institutions provide the required training that would transform a person into a readily deployable professional.

The Teknoturf School of Computing attempts to provide a solution to meet this requirement. It is an IT Finishing School with a rare blend of the right strengths. It serves as a bridge between the industrial and academic realms by applying a test that asks students: Not just 'do you know', but 'can you also do'?

Teknoturf's commitment to quality and business values, combined with the strict adherence to Best Practices, would ensure that college students get ready to become entry level associates who would be productive from day one.

The Training Approach

The vision of The Teknoturf School of Computing is to ignite young minds and, through a creative process, mould them into complete professionals who will enhance the quality of the society around them. Toward this vision, the School has adopted a unique approach to building competency - different from the normal training institutions and finishing schools.

The curriculum for our courses contains a fine blend of core concepts & technologies for implementation. The design of the curriculum allows for use of both existing technologies and emerging technologies as implementation platforms. The course could be designed according specific requirements of Corporates.

Our programs attach great importance to inculcating professional, business and life skills. This ensures that the participants not only master technology but also possess the required work ethics, professional attitude and emotional skills.

A predominantly hands-on approach using a Technology Enable Active Learning Platform called E-Box, results in the participant's ability to apply the appropriate concepts in solving real world problems. The situation-based and experiential learning opens up the mindset and helps develop a comprehensive outlook of the industry.

Phased all-round progress of participants is ensured through

  • daily assignments
  • team based execution of projects that combine concepts, technologies and processes
  • continuous and structured feedback

Teknoturf provides different models for corporates for Graduate Hire requirements. Detailed proposal could be drawn out based on requirements.

Fresh Graduates will benefit highly from the concept based learning which will give you an edge in the IT Industry. The focus of our programs is not just to get a job, but focusses on how to perform above expectations after one gets a job.

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Client Speak

Teknoturf instructors have taught for IBM in seven countries and they have consistently been rated extremely highly by students from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

David Barun Thomas, Regional Manager, South Asia, IBM Learning Services

Our Clients

  • Abn Amro
  • Accenture
  • Adobe
  • Bank Dhofar
  • Capgemini
  • Citi
  • Cognizant
  • Etihad
  • IBM
  • Infosys
  • Virtusa
  • World Bank