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Ethical and quality services delivered by our committed team members.

Company Overview

Founded in 1997, Teknoturf has grown into a highly reputed organization in the software training and consulting space. At Teknoturf the emphasis has always been on the long term value of a relationship rather than the temporal value of a transaction.

Technical excellence, commitment, ethics and value for people are the pillars on which the organization is built. These are embedded values in all that is done at Teknoturf. This forms the basis of the very strong bond that exists between Teknoturf and its various stakeholders. Teknoturf's deep engagement with some of the world's leading IT companies, best known for their business excellence, has helped it nourish its value system.

Teknoturf's Consultants and Trainers are rated very highly by its customers and offer unmatched value by providing innovative solutions that best fit the customers' needs. Their passion, commitment to excellence and belongingness are the moving spirit behind Teknoturf's successful climb.

Our Mission

To be a knowledge company - world class, ethical and successful; being the most preferred partner in growth to all our customers by providing unmatched value through quality services delivered by committed, inspired team members.

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