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Teknoturf consulting team has provided robust solutions.


Teknoturf with its expertise in process modeling, enterprise architecture and integration, combined with its banking domain understanding, created an integration platform.

Teknoturf strongly believed that a middleware with faster and reliable communication medium could provide the solution to the client's problem. We proposed IBM WebSphere Message Broker v6.1 (IBM WMB) and IBM WebSphere MQ v6.0 (IBM WMQ) to address this challenge. IBM WMB was able to transform and route messages from disparate channels to Core Banking System's (CBS) understandable format. IBM WMQ was able to provide faster and reliable communication between the channels and CBS. All channels had been connected to CBS via IBM WMQ, and therefore yielded assured delivery of messages, reliability, efficiency, no duplication and high availability to the system.

Teknoturf has been working with major banks in the Middle East. Projects entail integration of various front end applications like ATM, Net Banking, Utility Payments etc., to the core banking systems like T-24 Server (backend application temenos), IBM AS/400 banking core system etc.,

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